Ask The Doctor QuestionsCategory: QuestionsQuestion regarding a different antibiotic
Liz Nance asked 9 months ago

This is Liz Nance and our cat Callie is being treated at your clinic. After her last visit with the antibiotic shot a few days ago she is doing some better. She does have a appetite and is eating and drinking though the pus continues to come out. I know she is old and we need to start thinking about euthanasia if she doesn’t get better. But I was wondering about something. Someone I used to work with in the vet field from the SPCA suggested if next week Callie shows little improvement maybe we could try a stronger oral antibiotic or a cultural to see what antibiotic would be best for this specific bacteria. Would that be able to be done? I just want to make sure I’ve done everything I could before putting her down. Thank you for your time.
Liz Nance