ferretFerrets can make wonderful pets, with the right care. They are active, bright, and love to socialize. They can even get along with your dogs and cats, if introduced the right way.

Good nutrition is important to have a healthy ferret. They are mostly meat eaters and there are good ferret diets that are specially formatted for their specific needs.

However, in a pinch, kitten foods will suffice. It is best if water is kept in a bottle so that he or she does not play in it, making a mess.

Ferrets also should receive regular checkups from a veterinarian who is used to caring for these special animals. They need to be vaccinated against rabies and canine distemper to keep them healthy.

Ferrets do well in large wire kennels with a litter pan and plenty of blankets to snuggle. However, they love to play so you need to have a safe place to let them out. They can get into everything so it is very important to ferret-proof your home before letting him or her out.
With the right amount of love and attention, good nutrition, and regular veterinary care, your pet ferret can live up to ten years. Enjoy your ferret as much as he or she will enjoy you!