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Terry McDonald asked 4 years ago

Dear Dr. Higgins: we are old clients of yours from about 5 years ago. You removed a tumor from under the tongue on our basset hound, Mozart. Unfortunately, he was a senior dog & we lost him soon after that. I wonder if you remember us? Anyways, we’ve been pet-less for these 5 years and are now ready to get a puppy. I have met a breeder of bull terriers and am likely going to adopt one. Do you have any input on this breed? I have read lots online, but we would want you to be our vet again and I was curious on your input. Also, could your staff please send me a price list for puppy shots, options for flea & heartworm preventative, and price for neutering? We are out of touch on all of this! Look forward to hearing from you, Dr. Higgins. -Terry & Daryl McDonald