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Marilyn Hinegardner asked 8 years ago

What do you do about a 14 month Golden Retriever who has decided the house is now her potty?  I thought she was potty trained but for the past 5-6 days she is going poo in the house on the carpet.  This is en every day occurrence sometimes more than once a day as she did today.  We have been waking up every morning during this time with several piles on the floor.  This morning there 3 different piles on the carpet and my husband took her outside for about 15 minutes.  She did not go during the outdoor time.  He brought her in and then left for work.  I left about an hour later with Daisy to take her to daycare and then went on to work myself.  When I got home this afternoon there was another pile on the carpet which she apparently did in the 45 minutes I was getting ready for work.  She did have an event about 2 weeks ago whereby she found a coffee can filled with old cooking oil used for frying fish in the neighbors garage.  We are assuming she ate it, because she brought the can back to our house and it was empty.  She threw up a lot and her stool became loose.  I resorted to the old standby of chicken and rice and her stool has been normal for the past 3 days.  The first time she potties in the house around 6 days ago, I thought it might be due to her not being able to hold it because of the oil incident.  But after 6 days of daily occurrences (sometimes a couple of times a day), I’m wondering what is going on.  I am beside myself and don’t know what to do.  Am I going to have to start all over again with the housebreaking?  She was horrible to get trained the first time.  Does she need to come into you to see if there is anything physically wrong?  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.